Restaurant Months in Miami are No Longer an Insider’s Secret

Miami restaurant months

The annual two-month special for local Miami restaurants has now come to an end. Restaurant owners once again have had quite positive results even in the challenging climate of the Zika virus scare in the communities of Wynwood and South Beach. There now have been over 240 restaurants participating in the celebration of haute cuisine at discounted prices. The collection of participating dining establishments had steadily increased year after year since 2001 when there were initially 54 dining establishments in the program.

The program was born slightly after the tragedies of 9/11, when vacationers put their plans on hold during the turbulent times. It was one of the absolute worst years in the industry and creativity was needed to experience a rebound for the business owners. Local celebrity Steven Haas explained the evolution of Miami Spice as a creativity born out of necessity. Restaurant Week has already been working in New York as a concept, so it was natural to try something similar on Miami Beach since there are many connections between Miami and NYC. So, Haas brought together AmEx, the Miami Visitors Bureau and the local newspaper for a meeting to discuss the new idea.

Miami Spice Months

The rest has been fantastic history as restauranteurs developed a signature program that brought countless new customers through the doors to experience the very best, multi-course meals. It’s a wonderful experience for foodies or simply couples on a date looking for the royal treatment, but remaining within a reasonable budget. As part of the program, lunches cost $23 per person while dinners cost $39. Many of these offers include an appetizer, main course and dessert all for the same set fee. Beverages and tip are not included, but it’s common for places to have specials on wine and drinks to go along with the Spice menus.

All in all, you can’t go wrong checking out Miami Spice. If there is a time of year where you would like to splurge and indulge in five-star dining in some of the poshest restaurants in Miami, August and Septemeber are the best months. You’ll find incredible value and enjoy being treated like royalty. Keep an eye open for another high-end program as well. Miami Spa Month is also a highly successful collaboration put in place by the best hotels in Miami. If you enjoy massage, nail treatments and overall pampering, then MSM, is also something to check out. The program will begin again next year in July. Check online at for the latest information on hotel packages, restaurant offers and more.