Serving You 2015

In Spain, the word ‘piripi’ refers to a sensation of exuberance where reality begins to seem like a dream. Here, master Chef Najat Kaanache also likes to blur the lines between the ordinary and the surreal. Trained in legendary Michelin 3-starred restaurants El Bulli, Noma, The French Laundry, Per Se and Alinea, her magically unique and creative approach toward food and cooking has garnered international respect. At Piripi, Chef Kaanache transforms nature into culinary art that nourishes the body and the soul. Step into a world where the concepts of land, sea and fire come together in unique and imaginative ways. Indulge in edible masterpieces that are as delightful to the eye as they are to the palate. We invite you to be our guest and live life ‘piripi.’

Najat Kaanache was raised amid the natural beauty and pure simplicity of her family’s olive and wheat fields in the Spanish Pyrenees and Moroccan Atlas. Along her inspired journey through the world of gastronomy, Kaanache has worked elbow to elbow with an astounding array of master chefs and artists. Trained in legendary Michelin 3-star restaurants El Bulli, Noma, The French Laundry, Per Se and Alinea, Kaanache developed a firm conviction that food is the most important connection humans have with the Earth. She continues to share her love, knowledge and respect for food with the world. Culinary icon Ferran Adrià stated, "Najat Kaanache's passion for creativity and innovation should be a reference for the whole country...she is four times better than I was when I became the chef at El Bulli." In addition to lecturing and teaching on the Science of Cooking at institutions like Harvard, New York University and Le Cordon Blue, Kaanache will be serving up an immersive dining experience at Piripi in Coral Gables scheduled to open its doors in 2015.

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